Rebirth of a Nation

Whenever we come to a threshold, an harbinger of making history, we do not assert this truth by the reality of the experience rather by the assurance of its hope…
…the hope we hold on to as a nation that one day we can also live every moment as indicated in the words of the fathers of American independence – “… all men are equal and have a right to the God – given gifts of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness..”
We have come this far and yet still so far – far from the dreams of our fathers ; far from the hope our independence promised us; far from the luxury of life our naturally endowned economy afforded us; far, very far!!!

We have come from a time in which our different ethicity, religious and cultural beliefs, political ideologies have painted a picture of a separate people only brought together by the extensive stretch of land. We have become a shadow of ourselves – NIGERIA
It has always and will always be, when history repeats itself, that a people will always arise who will say NO to the oppressions of the slave drivers and hold their destiny in their hands; perhaps if we do not live the life our nation promised, our children will never have to fight the battle.
We will keep writing, till NIGERIA comes back in strength and vigor and reposition itself where and how it ought to be.

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