So much for electoral reforms – Ekiti’s Re Run election!!!

Nigeria: Great Nation, Good People –
What a rot! What a waste! What a ridicule to the very existence of our sober minds!!! We have been taken for fools and some lawless piece of shit have taken us for a ride again.

What happend to the rule of law? What happened to the just concluded electoral reform? Listen to what the REC for Ekiti re-run election had to say:
the results for which I resigned has been validated in abuja. anyone who is not fine with it should go to court…”
A colleague once told me that the Nigeria of our dreams is past our own generation to see. As much as I argued and still argue it, I am short of words to convince him otherwise. Or how else can you explain how the mandate of the people was stolen; how they were disenfranchised by the same people who promised to protect them and provide a place and environment that fosters peace and prosperity? How can that be? How will they do that when they bear the hate of the people at heart?
O God!!! This is becoming too much for me to bear! Its puts a heavy burden on my heart. Please, what can be done to save Nigeria from itself? Let someone speak. Where can we go from here? Did we not think we were on track to realising the Nigeria of our dreams and all in a swoop, our hopes were chattered. What remains of the 2011 election I have already started looking out for!!!
Yar Adua, Professor Iwu, Prof Akinyuli etc what have we done to deserve this back hand smashing while we look helplessly with our hands tied to the back!!!

With bowed heads, sad heart but convinced stead, I say again…
Nigeria will flourish again!!!

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