Where do we stand!!!

I stood aside to take a look at the future of our beloved nation while we yet hope and pray for the reengineering of our polity and socio – economic system and what I saw not only scared me but forced me to do the thing I know to do best – put my pen to paper…

Already with only 55% as literates, Nigeria is laden with the task of preserving its future, but taking a peep into the future, what do we see? I see an ugly trend among our youths, the expected leaders of tomorrow, trading their posterity for fame on the platter of entertainment. Every youth wants to become the next TuFace – and I dare argue that our media is not helping the matter. Kids and youths alike are modeling their lives in paths that will deplete our already pressured number of people who will take over the leadership of our nation.

This is the highlight of the issue – scores in schools are dropping, academic performances are deteriorating, visioneer youths are depleting and there is no more motivation towards attaining high professional standards that will lead this nation out of its present predicament. This scares me because I see that at this rate, with the few outstanding, passionate youths already emigrated to nations in need of their expertise, we will leave our nation in the hands of unbaked, untrained, untried, selfish, greedy buffoons who will further rubbish the already largely smeared state of our nation.

Do you see otherwise with this trend? Nigeria will flourish again!!!

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