PDP Presidential Primary – The twist and turns!

With great excitement and trepidation I await the result of the PDP Primaries which will hold on the 13th of January. Well, I wouldn’t think that you feel I am persuaded about the eligibility of the candidacy of any of the PDP Presidential aspirants, that is, Atiku Abubakar and GEJ. However, not to leave anyone in the dark, my great expectations from this primary result is linked to the fact that whatever direction it goes, it brings an entirely new twist to the April general elections. For the record, IT IS TIME TO VOTE PDP OUT!!!

Lets consider the first twist: GEJ wins the party ticket. What this means for the South-South is that they finally get the opportunity to rule the country since its 50 years of independence. Therefore, majority of the people from this region will vote for him. Also, a lot of people from the South-West and South-East have developed a strong bias for him (this I dislike with a big disgust) based on the situation surrounding his ascendancy into power. However, for two reasons, the Northerners will massively vote for any strong northern candidate from an opposition party. First, a large majority of the Northerners think its the turn of a northerner to be president and the second reason being that Atiku will muscle every ounce of strength to ensure GEJ does not win the election by turning the votes of northerners.

Alternatively, if Atiku wins the ticket, the scale will largely tilt against him in the general elections for three reasons. One, GEJ with the power of incumbency will ensure that Atiku does not win the election either by ensuring a free and fair election or contesting on the platform of another party(in which he will never win) and rig some sizeable number of votes for himself. A proof to this was in a statement credited to GEJ saying and I quote, “…if I sink, I will sink this boat(PDP) with me…” . Secondly, OBJ who is an arch enemy of Atiku, will ensure with his last breadth that Atiku does not win the election because if he does, it will spell the doom of OBJ since Atiku will ensure that OBJ is disgraced, ridiculed and jailed. Thirdly, Nigerians really do not want Atiku and will gladly go for any other strong northener contesting in any of the opposition parties.

Now, what does this mean? Whatever direction it tilts, PDP is bound to fail in the coming elections.

Well, I did not forget, but left it for the last to mention that my just concluded remark, “…PDP is bound to fail…”, becomes tenable on only one condition….BUHARI & RIBADU DO NOT RUN ON SEPERATE PLATFORMS!!! One has to step down for the other and if not, PDP (Atiku or GEJ), will surely steal the day!!!


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