The Earth Quakes

We've wondered several times what an earthquake really is. In this part of the world, we've not been recipients of this terror of nature but it's extremely important to note that it has caused the loss of thousands of lives and destruction of properties. The earth indeed quakes and gives way, destroying anything and everything in its path!

Fun could be dangerous

This should be the pre-requisite of getting married in Nigeria. The buffalo race is a unique sport to the Dakshina Kannada tribe in India. Why would anyone want to hold a charging buffalo? Whew!!! Probably if men did this before getting married, they'd stop charging their wives as we've been seeing in recent times.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is not Lagos in case you were wondering! But will I be wrong to wonder if the 4th mainland bridge. that is being planned for Lagos, could look like this.  This is the golden gate bridge in San Francisco (National Geographic). It actually a suspension bridge (don't ask where from) but it's referred to as … Continue reading The Golden Gate Bridge