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More Africans are beginning to see a need to complete an international MBA program. Even if not for academics sake, the crop of networks created from this highly professional settings could be the differentiating factor between the successful and the ‘very’ successful. ┬áThis forum educates on the process of getting admitted – right from when you conceive such program till you eventually leave the program. We will provide insights, advises, instructions, directions and guidelines to follow to make this a reality.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Temple of Artemis

Now, we do not have exact pictures of the temple of Diana, as its usually called, but what you see above is a model of this temple which was erected in Turkey. Constructed in 556 BC in ancient Ephesus, it was re-built 3 times before its final destruction in 356 BC by fire. I guess the goddess would have loved this new temple built in Turkey to the ancient one…who really does not like good things?

Seven Wonders of the World – Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The hanging gardens of Babylon – a master piece which is acclaimed as probably the only legendary wonder. Created in 600 BC by┬áking Nebuchadnezzar II and was destroyed by earthquakes after 1st Century BC. With so many hanging floral around a kingdom, I openly wonder if they had snakes as their next door neighbors. A wonder indeed!