And the Journey begins!

The Journey to INSEAD actually started long before the journey started. When I graduated from the University in 2008, I had two options – either to take up an admission in Canada for my M.Sc in Chemical Engineering or take up an internship in systems analysis with a CPG(Consumer Packaged Goods) company here in Lagos. A difficult decision I must say but I realized early enough that getting a M.Sc for me would be a nice-to-have cause I would not for one day work with the degree – my heart was yawning for something bigger than this.

So I opted for the internship in order to gain some business and international experience since my role had much to do with Project Management. 3 months into the internship, I was having the time of my life – traveling around the continent and engaging business leaders. IT WAS AMAZING!!! But still, my heart wanted something a bit more – could not figure out what this was. During some of my studies, I came across some outstanding people and looking at their pedigree, I realized they got the MBA thing stuck with them. While this did not cut across all these people, I felt the level of exposure I would get with such a program will be phenomenal. I therefore applied in 2008 to Stanford Business School (consistently rated as the top business school in the world). Of course, looking at the application now, I am ashamed to think I expected to get a toe into that school, talk less of a seat. Well, I was dinged (get used to this word – it means dinged).

I felt bad but decided to give myself a bit more time and focus on building my expertise and experience. I focused on my work and got involved with some side businesses as well. Early 2011, I decided again to apply to a business school but this time around a lot had changed. I had some work experience – le grand travaille (well you need to understand I’m learning French so bear with me). I also had business and international exposure, and was starting to figure out what I wanted to do and what excites me and keeps me up late at night. Candidly, of all the things that had changed between when I graduated and 2011, the strongest decider on when to apply was the fact that I was married.

So, October 3 2011, I submitted my Harvard Business School(HBS) application and Dec 7, I submitted my INSEAD application. Later in January, I submitted the last of the applications – London Business School (LBS). Early January, I was dinged by HBS – for reasons clear to me but in March, I got the much revered phone call and was told I made it into the INSEAD 13J class to resume in Singapore – I’ll answer your ‘why singapore’ question in another blog. I’m still on LBS’ waitlist but really, I’m already decided on INSEAD.

Pretty much, that’s the story. I intend blogging all through the program as well as answer pertinent questions you want to answer in order to decide whether to pursue a MBA or not. Noting is cast in stone!!!

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2 thoughts on “And the Journey begins!

  1. Whao, nice one and enlightening especially to fresh University leaver, cos hv realised that there’s always this question of shld i go for a post-graduate degree or not.


  2. Hello sir! Just read through your blog. I am currently studying law but really interested in getting a mba. What does a mba entail? Do you think I can fit in?


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