Job Searching – On a lighter note!



One of the things you’d be thinking of mid-way into your MBA program will be getting the dream job – if such exists – you’ve always wanted. The above picture, which I got from a colleague on FB,  describes a very funny way to figure out what job suits you. In the last couple of weeks, we have been getting some emails from the career services of INSEAD to do some career assessment test to help identify what industries and career interests best suits us. Well, this also serves as some form of career assessment tool. Let me know what job suits you from this assessment. In case you want to know, mine was actually an ‘accountant’ – strange as that sounds!

2 thoughts on “Job Searching – On a lighter note!

  1. I cant stand up from my seated position anytime i’m reading ur blog and i can read it over and over. Very Inspiring and enlightening articles i must say, my best is still this diagram and i would love to share some of the articles but i havent figured out how to without copy and paste


    1. Thanks Maria. If you follow the blog, you get email alerts of the posts which makes it easier for you to copy and re-share. You can also just share via the FB handle:)


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