Nostalgia of saying goodbye – P&G, it was nice knowing you!

I can’t seem to shake off the feverish feeling I’ve been having over the last 2 weeks – which skyrocketed over the weekend. Those rumblings deep down in your stomach which cannot and should not be mistaken for the butterfly feeling that accompanies love (or lust). The occasional goose pimples that crawls on your skin when overwhelmed!

If you are still wondering why these feelings – Tomorrow is my last day at P&G!

While some have cautioned me of such a move, others have encouraged me about the intention and I can only say this – I never make important decisions hastily. P&G has been the only company I ever worked for – if you remove all the Opa Dams which I do not think counts at all – and I have loved every moment of it.

My first 3 months post graduation was phenomenal! Who gives a young graduate responsibility for owning and deploying systems across multiple geographies, training people 7-12 years more experienced than he is and taking charge of truly transforming business processes? This cannot in any way clearly articulate how I feel about P&G. Should I also mention that I have traveled to over 14 different countries in 3 years, done some massaging, manicure and pedicure in the office, learnt karate and salsa in the office, work from home on Fridays, call my GM by name (really cool), got 1 full week paternity leave and got a surprise send forth from the GBS family in Ikoyi? Still, this does not fully paint the picture.

Summarily, I will miss P&G! Tomorrow, I will be saying good-bye and I can only say the last 4+ years has been a blast and a PG (post graduate) experience for me and I owe a lot of my professional development, drive and aspirations to what you taught me. THANKS!

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22 thoughts on “Nostalgia of saying goodbye – P&G, it was nice knowing you!”

  1. I can fully relate to this. Leaving P&G is always a very tough call. Her uniqueness will remain in your memories…you will only find a few coys that will match the opportunity she offers (not in terms of pay though)…but if u r ‘sent’, it only gets better! You won’t regret d decision …btw have fun @ Insead..and come out the great n strong! May He supply all that is needed for your journey! It is not by power!


  2. I don’t know where you are going and what your next agenda is. But if I ever recall the kind of person I know you to be, I have no need to worry cos I know you have thought it through. I believe, every journey begins with their own challenge, nonetheless I am convinced you will do well. The future is brighter


  3. It’s usually a great addition to one’s competence to study and eventually earn an MBA. It will be a worthwhile venture,i assure you.


  4. Knowing your journey with P&G, at least for the most part, and your unrivaled love for the firm(and how passionately you ‘preached’ P&G to us wanting all your friends to come onboard) I sure share in your nostalgia …. The best lies ahead for you and God will honour your faith. You know I have great respect for you and I sincerely pray you’d hit the best!!! You are a star and I know your light is about to get brighter. Much Love. Femi


    1. Femi, thanks a lot! Never knew I was this emotionally tied to P&G:). I’ll be fine! And thanks for being one of my greatest fans…lol. You know I’m ur big fan as well…


  5. Whaao! This is cool and a decision only mature and people of purpose would have taken. I knew something like it was coming via your consistent post on MBAs. P. Deji, go there, be outstanding again and remain a relevant ‘patriach’ among the ‘crowd of witness’. Luv


  6. *Sniff* *sniff*…..God has always been there for you and I have no doubt in my mind that as you take this step of faith (like every other one you’ve taken), He will be there to see you through. Stay true to who you are……and soar! So many people are looking up……to see you!


  7. Hmmmmmm! DJ, though the news caught me unaware, but i strongly believe in and trust your judgement,i must confess you are a source of inspiration to me as a person, and am going to miss you so much. All the best bro.


  8. Hmmmmmm! DJ, though the news caught me unaware, but i strongly believe in and trust your judgement,i must confess you are a source of inspiration to me as a person, and am going to miss you so much. All the best bro.


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