And I had my first class…

Been out for a while now battling with all the documentations and lectures that come with an orientation week. Its been a truely aha experience and there is just so much I could talk about but let me stick to the one just fresh from the oven. We had the introduction to general management class … Continue reading And I had my first class…

Can this stop already?

Some years ago, watching some of these foreign movies, we see people travel in trains with their heads buried in one book or the other. This was a time when people soaked in knowledge and acquired wisdom. Such beautiful sight to behold. But what do we have these days? Everyones head is buried quite alright … Continue reading Can this stop already?

Even the hospitals smell nice!

To complete my student pass application, I have to complete a medical test which was why I went to the hospital - Thomas medical center - in the first place. For many years now, if you ask me why I did not become a medical doctor, I'd mention 2 reasons one of which is the … Continue reading Even the hospitals smell nice!

INSEAD – Indeed the business school of the world!

Having gone through the pain and rigour of traveling half way across the world to Singapore and asking myself how I got myself into the whole situation, I finally visited the INSEAD campus today.┬áMen and brethren, I totally embrace the 'suffering' of that journey and cherish the hurting pangs of hunger. Was I blown away? … Continue reading INSEAD – Indeed the business school of the world!

Ahas on my first day in Singapore

Officially, I'm the only black dude in Singapore. Ok, thats not true but if I did not know any better and someone tells me that right now, I might have believed. I have not set my eyes on a single black person all day and do not think I've been locked up in the hotel … Continue reading Ahas on my first day in Singapore