INSEAD, Singapore – Why?

This is a question I left off answering for a while but nevertheless, probably one of the most important questions I had to answer before applying to the school in the first place. The first question in my mind was already answered – Is the MBA worth the money and time? 4 Yesses for that! Well, to the next question, which of the programs should I attend? I will try not to regurgitate my INSEAD application essay in an attept to answer that question but I’d confess that the answer will not be far from that essay because it reflected the exact reasons why I wanted INSEAD.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, my family was an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle and therefore, coming back to them in a year or less was a deal breaker for me. INSEAD offered me the top MBA experience in less than a year – 10 months – and was too enticing to overlook. Also, I already told this to most people – over 80% of the students I’ll be sitting in class with will have flown into the location, be it Singapore or France. Meaning, if you are looking for the most diverse and international MBA program in the world, none compares to INSEAD. It’s usually mentioned that an INSEAD class is a mini UN. The crop of Alumni is incredible. I brisked into the office of the CEO of a very big investment bank in Nigeria for my admissions interview and my dreams took a 360 degrees turn. INSEAD also offers me a mulitple location experience. From France, to Singapore; from Abu Dhabi to the USA. Its simply amazing! This leads to the next question, Why Singapore?

For me, location was as important as the program itself. Why do I feel traveling to the US and Europe from our part of the world for an advanced degree is becoming over-flogged when the fastest economic growth in the world is coming from SE Asia, especially for a business related education. My perception on this might be wrong but I cashed in on this and decided to find my way to Singapore. Who knows what kind of business partnerships might be born from wading through the myriads of Malays, Indians, Chinese and foreigners like myself in Singapore. Much is left to be imagined!

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