Ahas on my first day in Singapore

Officially, I’m the only black dude in Singapore. Ok, thats not true but if I did not know any better and someone tells me that right now, I might have believed. I have not set my eyes on a single black person all day and do not think I’ve been locked up in the hotel all day. Well, I kinda like the feel of it plus the many stares which is increasing my popularity. I might even consider running for president here.

As a nationalist, another major aha for me was the number of apartments i saw with the Singaporean flag hanging from their windows. These are people who believe so much in the Singapore dream and embrace it totally. Moving around, you can hardly tell the difference between the rich and the poor, the students and working class. Though I honestly could not but notice how well bum shorts must be selling around here!

What of the transportation system? Simply brilliant! The only transport system I’ve seen that compares with theirs is that of Paris. The MRTs(read trains), LRTs (read buses) are so well connected that you can very well do without a car around here.

One problem though, I think I’m starving. The food I’ve been seeing so far is making me think my fasting life might just be fully activated again.

So much for my first day. Beautiful so far!

11 thoughts on “Ahas on my first day in Singapore

  1. Deji, it is well wt you oh. I Pray God establishes you in that land. That your roots will grow down deep and you will afar fruits upward. That you will abound abundantly in prosperity and His ever reaching eyes wl keep safe all that is dear that you left over here oh. Plenty luv and tak kia of u


  2. Pele oh…Abeg hang Naija flag too out of your window….Naija no dey carry last (except for olympics)..take care.. talk again soon my friend.


  3. All you said is correct…I worked in Singapore for 6 months last year and experienced the same thing. There used to be an African Restaurant close to Little India, am not sure if it is still running. Enjoy your stay in Singapore is a lovely place to be


  4. Ore mi,I’m really proud of you.I pray God will make your stay there a fulfilled one.His presence will always go before you and you’ll be extremely favoured.Regards to my godson and his mum


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