INSEAD – Indeed the business school of the world!

Having gone through the pain and rigour of traveling half way across the world to Singapore and asking myself how I got myself into the whole situation, I finally visited the INSEAD campus today. Men and brethren, I totally embrace the ‘suffering’ of that journey and cherish the hurting pangs of hunger. Was I blown away? That will be an understatement in the affirmative!

As I walked out of the One North MRT station and turned into the street, I saw a magnificient building that looked like something I’d seen in picture before and there before my eyes, was the big, bold and beautiful inscription – INSEAD, Business School of the World! Simply magnificient! I walked into the premises and went straight to the reception where I was given a visitors tag to look around. I checked out the library, the auditoriums, interview rooms, breakout rooms, lounge, cafe,  – the exquisite architecture, brilliant interior decoration and much more the level of stimulating activities that were happening on campus – it was humbling!

I then answered the “Why was I going through all this stress” question. The stress is so worth it! True, I’ve only be captivated by what you would call the hardcore and not softcore but I’m sure you will permit my overaching stance owning to the fact that this is the  most stimulating, beautiful, amazing educational environment I’ve ever been to – don’t even count Apollo, which was my secondary school! Well, I do have a lot to look forward to and I’m sure glad this is part of my experience!

4 thoughts on “INSEAD – Indeed the business school of the world!

  1. Our pursuits after knowledge should be a daily exercise, and as you do this at INSEAD i pray you achieve your goals, be outstanding and enjoy the totality of the whole journey.Shalom Deji…….


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