Singapore – What a trip!

There’s already so much to talk about and so I will be posting about 3 articles in order to properly capture my thoughts contextually.

Flying for 15 hours should never be done in an economy class – it was the longest and most physically, mentally draining journey I’ve had in my short life. Entering Abu Dhabi after a 7.5 hrs flight was like a short lesson on “How to be cooked while wide-eyed”. I initially thought the heat was coming from the plane’s engine but realized it was the outside temperature. If what i felt was just 32 degrees like they mentioned, then i’m glad that was not my final destination.

After another 7 hours flight, we arrived in Singapore at about 11pm. While on the last leg of the flight, I found myself asking myself what I was really looking for flying halfway across the world. Anyway, that question was answered in one of my next post.

To complete an already tiring and exhausting day, I figured that the hotel I booked to stay in before finalizing my accommodation is located in a red light district! Of all places in the world, I find myself next door with hookers. So much for getting a budget hotel. Whew!!!

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