From Singapore with Love…

Some of these things I knew before but most of them have only be reinforced in the last 6 months!

  1. In life, an experience is only what you make out of it – Never blame others.
  2. Never allow yourself be judged either by what you do or don’t – Its your life after all.
  3. There’s more mess in life than you can ever imagine – So suck it in!
  4. Business and faith are totally miscible – When it seems they are not, you are most likely missing a point.
  5. NEVER believe the mantra that failure is the path to success – ONLY the ones you learn from.
  6. If you’ve never moved out of your regular circle, you don’t know half of what you think you know.
  7. Sex is indeed a mystery – I will leave that to your imagination.
  8. Education opens your mind – Its totally up to you to fill it with whatever you want!
  9. Long distance relationships are not easy – Avoid as much as possible but when it happens, find the hidden strength of wisdom in it.
  10. Money is a good thing – A very good thing at that! Don’t sell your soul to get it though…
  11. Its amazing how much you can think through while having an early morning breakfast at McDonald:-)


Have a great day!

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