Dice…My new blog!

Now that I have pulled together all my different blog pages under one name, maybe I can now focus on being more consistent. I’m quite excited about the fact that I do not have to think of different blog pages to air my views on different subjects.

If you are wondering what these former blogs were, I would briefly talk about each of them and what the inspiration behind them was.

I started with “Carving a Niche” in 2007 on blogger.com and the objective was to create a platform to empower young people and also provide a professional outlook particularly focused on project management. And then in 2008, I decided to create another blog to present my views on national issues. This was the “New Nigeria” blog which was absolutely focused on Nigeria. Candidly, I enjoyed blogging on this page as there was so much to say about Nigeria and I had a very strong desire to see things change for the better.

In 2012, I decided to let out my more emotional and artistic side and started a blog which many people would never have linked to me. This was “PixOreal”! PixOreal, as the name suggests, presents different lovely pictures, mostly of nature, on which I write a short caption about the picture. The idea was to allow people comment on the quality of the pictures and even allow people send in pictures to be posted on the blog. However, I could still not consistently massage the blog like any successful blog should be. You can still find the blog here: http://pixoreal.wordpress.com/

Finally, when I started my MBA in 2012, I started “African MBAs” which was a platform to tell the story of my MBA journey as well as create a platform for young business minded professionals in Africa and not just Nigeria. Candidly, this was my most viewed blog and probably rightfully so. This was the closest I ever had to talk about myself and not the government or someone else out there.

“Dice”, rightfully describes my many interests and how I have come to see the world from my lenses now. I hope I can share my insights and interests with you from arts to politics, from academics to business, from soccer to lawn tennis, from travel to movies, from technology to agriculture, from my faith to my folly…After all, its just me!!!

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