Personal lessons from GMB’s victory

Below are the things I learnt from different people during this electoral journey:

  1. [GMB] Failure does not mean impossible! No matter how often and how hard the failure was, picking up oneself and daring to dream again is the greatest gift one can give oneself.
  2. [Prof. Osinbajo] See a man diligent in his works, he shall stand before kings and not mean men. Focus on being the best at what you do and be diligent at it. Don’t seek the spotlight, it will find you!
  3. [GEJ] You might never get a second opportunity to do good. While you can, with the power and authority you have, do good and a higher calling will not be far off. 
  4. [Patience Jonathan] Brush up yourself and hone your skills – you never know when duty will call.
  5. [Reno/Okupe/FFK/Fayose] The only constant thing is change, hence, always be aware that tides could turn. If you do this, you will be careful not to throw stones at your neighbor.
  6. [Clergies] God rules in the affairs of men. Seek the good of the people and speak the truth to the government in love. Doing that does not undermine your anointing but makes you relevant as a shepherd over His people.
  7. [Nigerians] Never stop hoping, never stop dreaming, never allow anyone dampen your faith. Personal gratification at the expense of the poor and helpless only corrupts, and at the end, God will speak for the poor and helpless, and you will be found wanting!!!

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