BizIdea1 – Uber for bikes

I read a few days ago, the call of FRSC for complete elimination of motorbikes on the streets. I do understand and sympathise with their reasons but it’s a long shot. Motorbikes, however dangerous they are, have become a critical part of our lives. The question for me is how we can make them safer, more reliable and more efficient.

Uber for bikes seems like a solution to this problem. How will it work?

  1. Individuals buy bikes which they register on the platform
  2. Bikes and riders are verified for compliance
  3. Riders are checked and trained properly 
  4. Bikers have uniforms, wear helmets, and hold helmets for their passengers
  5. Passengers book for riders with the app and they’re picked up and dropped at their destinations.

Many will benefit from this. Just think about the number of people who want to dash out of the office on the island during peak hours but dread taking a bike. With the safety and confidence this gives, they will happily ride. 

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “BizIdea1 – Uber for bikes

  1. Sounds nice steps 2 and 3 implementation is the work. Totally a great solution to a local problem. The areas bikes are allowed to operate are getting fewer. So how sustainable is this business in the long term? Uber for keke can pilot too


    1. Thanks. The ban is also to curtail the menace of bikes in their current form. When operational, government might be willing to see it as a worthy means of employment creation.


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