No rush – agbusiness investment should be with caution!

For a long time to come, oil will remain the major source of revenue for Nigeria and that is not going to change anytime soon. However, given several recent events, broadening our revenue base beyond oil will help protect the economy against further radical currency devaluation, and prolonged recession which all have lasting implications.  In … Continue reading No rush – agbusiness investment should be with caution!

I was locked up…in Bucharest

My colleagues and I were cuffed and our faces covered with black hoods. We were led down the hall of a dungeon (or so I felt) and I was separated from the rest. A metallic door opened and I was shoved in and the hood removed. After adjusting my sight to the room I was … Continue reading I was locked up…in Bucharest

I had a dream…Now, that GMB is winning!!!

My journey with GMB started before 2011 but more from a suspicious perspective rather than a supportive one. It was then I started asking myself about the intentions and past of this seemingly pious puritan that makes his so attractive to the northern hegemony. Luckily for me, the veil fell off my eyes early enough, … Continue reading I had a dream…Now, that GMB is winning!!!

Can this stop already?

Some years ago, watching some of these foreign movies, we see people travel in trains with their heads buried in one book or the other. This was a time when people soaked in knowledge and acquired wisdom. Such beautiful sight to behold. But what do we have these days? Everyones head is buried quite alright … Continue reading Can this stop already?