From Singapore with Love…

Some of these things I knew before but most of them have only be reinforced in the last 6 months! In life, an experience is only what you make out of it - Never blame others. Never allow yourself be judged either by what you do or don't - Its your life¬†after all. There's more … Continue reading From Singapore with Love…

Even the hospitals smell nice!

To complete my student pass application, I have to complete a medical test which was why I went to the hospital - Thomas medical center - in the first place. For many years now, if you ask me why I did not become a medical doctor, I'd mention 2 reasons one of which is the … Continue reading Even the hospitals smell nice!

Ahas on my first day in Singapore

Officially, I'm the only black dude in Singapore. Ok, thats not true but if I did not know any better and someone tells me that right now, I might have believed. I have not set my eyes on a single black person all day and do not think I've been locked up in the hotel … Continue reading Ahas on my first day in Singapore

Singapore – What a trip!

There's already so much to talk about and so I will be posting about 3 articles in order to properly capture my thoughts contextually. Flying for 15 hours should never be done in an economy class - it was the longest and most physically, mentally draining journey I've had in my short life. Entering Abu … Continue reading Singapore – What a trip!

INSEAD, Singapore – Why?

This is a question I left off answering for a while but nevertheless, probably one of the most important questions I had to answer before applying to the school in the first place. The first question in my mind was already answered - Is the MBA worth the money and time? 4 Yesses for that! … Continue reading INSEAD, Singapore – Why?